more wally's history

On May 10th 1937 at 1600 McCallie Avenue, Wally Alexander opened Wally's Drive Inn. Little did he know at that time that Wally's Drive Inn would still be in operation 76 years later. Many changes have taken place in those past years. Wally passed away in 2001 and was still active on his farm in Ringgold, Georgia ..

Wally's Drive Inn had curb service and featured on its sandwich menu the best hamburger in Chattanooga. Other popular items were homemade chili and milkshakes. The price of a big hamburger in those days was .25. Wally's also had a breakfast that sold for .40. Coffee was .05.

Many native Chattanoogans will recall Wally's as a gathering place for the young in those days. Often now, we hear people comment about their "courting" days at Wally's. In the early 70's a new and modern Wally's was built in the same location. In 1975 Tony Kennedy, purchased Wally's and keeping with tradition, kept the name Wally's and also the same menu.

However, as fast food chains moved in the area, Mr. Kennedy saw the need to expand the menu to include fresh vegetables, as well as a complete menu. Wally's is well known in the Chattanooga area as having the best breakfast in town. On May 8th, 1989 Wally's opened its Ringgold Road location, expanding its menu and service even more.

On December 8th, 1998 Wally's on McCallie was destroyed by an electrical fire. At this time Mr. Kennedy made the decision to rebuild the new McCallie store reopened in August, 1999. We are proud of our new store. It has 2 private rooms for parties and banquets. And catering is offered from both locations.